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I appreciate you, I am grateful you chose me to assist you and I THANK you!

CONTACT ME to be put on the wait list-FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED

PRICING FOR YOUR PERSONAL INTERESTS – All readings are now via phone or virtual. You will find all of the options when scheduling.

READINGS – Please prepare questions ahead of time.

$70.00 for a 30 minute reading-CARDS ONLY-I answer any query with a poker deck of cards and our combined Spirit Guides.

$100.00 for a 45 minute reading-I “take a look” at your energy/Auric field and/or a longer Spirit Guided card reading.

I am no longer offering medium work due to the health deterioration it causes me.

HEALING SESSIONS – Each session is focused on pulling out negative energies which are often the root cause of depression and anxiety and is blocking your emotional healing

For Depression and Anxiety – $100.00  session is focused on pulling out negative energies.  Pulling negative energies from your body and as you lie resting, I cleanse your body with a variety of energetic and angel healing light  It may take multiple sessions to heal however you WILL feel better after the first one. IN PERSON ONLY – Please contact me AFTER you schedule and PAY for this appointment. 614-465-2110 to work out the details.

“Wow.. the experience of the healing session with Rosalie was incredible. I came to her broken and in a dark space and eclipse of hope.. did not care etc.. I just lost my mama and was going through a breakup of 10 year marriage and layers of grief.
I did the healing session.. never experienced anything like this before coming from a Pentecostal church background..PK (preacher kid).
But I was hurting mentally and I was open..
This experience was Wow…after it was done.. I felt hope.. I felt reborn.. I felt that it was gonna be ok and I could make it in this world..
Thank you Rosalie for your gift that you’re so graciously share with the world.”

For Past Negative Relationships $100.00 session where I will remove the auric cords connecting you to past loves and the pain/attachment that you still hold onto in an energetic level. As you lie resting, I cleanse your body with a variety of energetic light and angel healing light, filling the holes that have been left behind by auric cord removal, allowing you to move forward in your life without lingering attachments to past relationship pain..  IN PERSON ONLY –  Please contact me AFTER you schedule and PAY for this appointment. 614-465-2110 to work out the details

T.B. says, “I have had the opportunity to have two separate energy healings from Rosalie; both were incredibly curative. The first healing was to release the ‘dark energetic chords’ that still connected me to a step parent who was abusive. When I came to Rosalie for the healing I was on a journey to heal my past trauma and specifically the damage done by my stepfather. Though I did everything in my power to heal myself emotionally through therapy, there was still a lingering attachment that I couldn’t shake. Rosalie did her healing and once done, I felt an enormous ‘lightness’ that had eluded me my entire life. The second healing was to remove attachments from a toxic relationship. Intellectually, I knew I needed to move on from this person, but despite my best efforts, an energetic connection still remained and continued to pull me back into the relationship though I knew it was very unhealthy. Rosalie performed an energy healing on me, successfully removed the energetic connection and this allowed me the ability to sever all ties to this person  and to find closure. Both healings were powerfully moving and afforded me a deep sense of peace. Rosalie is a very talented energy healer and I feel blessed to have met her; I would not hesitate to use her energy healing services.

For Baby – Clearing For A Pregnancy – $500.00

I will pull the auric cords of past negative relationships, rapes, incest and any negative energies preventing you from becoming pregnant and/or being a good mother, clearing the body and then cleansing the body with varied light and angelic energies, filling the holes that have been left behind by auric cord removal while you lie down to receive it.

NOTE*  READ CAREFULLY It is HIGHLY recommended that you Have a 45 minute Spirit Guided card reading to determine if YOU can have children with or without your current partner. IN PERSON ONLY – Please contact me AFTER you schedule and pay for this appointment at 614-465-2110 to work out the details

Preparing Body for a Pregnancy – Total Recall of Chakra Energies Getting Your Body Ready For A Baby – $1,000.00

This Healing requires people who love you, and truly want you to have a baby and who are open to this kind of high energy awareness.  Love is the highest energy which is why you should invite those who truly LOVE you unconditionally.  Anyone with a negative energy like jealousy, will negatively impact the healing.  If you are bringing a partner, he or she has to have the energy of wanting to have a baby as well.  Everybody participating needs to be free of drugs and alcohol 24 hours prior to having this session to allow for a clear and clean transmuting channel and transfer of energies.

Healers are available at an additional cost if you do not have enough people to assist in energy healing.

I will travel to you with another healer: $5,000.00 and all expenses paid. Contact me before scheduling if you are interested in this service.

NOTE*  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY It is HIGHLY recommended that you Have a 45 minute Spirit Guided card reading to determine if  YOU can have children with or without your current partner and you have had a Clearing for Baby Energy Healing PRIOR to scheduling this service.

IN PERSON ONLY – Please contact me AFTER you schedule and pay for this appointment. 614-465-2110 to work out the details

DISCLAIMER-NONE of these energetic healings guarantee that you will have a baby.

H.S. says, “I have scheduled all of the recommendations for clearing energies to have a baby after I met Rosalie in 2010 in Cleveland at an Expo and she asked me if I was prepared to have children, I told her I couldn’t have children, no children in 17 years of marriage, My periods were so messed up and at times I only had one a year.  When I told her all of this, she said, Next year your cycle is going to straighten out, after three regular cycles, come down and see me for a few healing sessions.  She said I would leave my husband amicably, I was like, Yeah, okay lady. I’ve got a good stable marriage, that ain’t happening!  But…then the following year in  April my husband left me for another woman, I ticked off that box because the end point was the same, we dissolved our marriage pretty quickly with really no hard feelings. .  In July I had a period, then another in August and then another in September..  I scheduled another reading with her.  I remember during that reading she said to me, “let’s find you a man and get you pregnant” I thought that was both hilarious and a tall order for a 37 year old woman with very old eggs!  During that reading she said, Within two weeks you are going to meet a man that will turn your life around.  He’s in his mid 40’s tall, dark hair and has something to do with traveling back and forth to Hollywood, but I don’t think he is an actor. Long story short, he was part of a film crew doing a movie in Cleveland, we met fell immediately for each other!  Can you believe it? It’s true!

Okay, moving on, I scheduled first “Negative Relationship”, then the “Clearing for Pregnancy” then the “Preparing your body for Pregnancy”  FIRST OFF, I want to say how GOOD it felt after each session. Use your energy and do exactly what she tells you to do.  Use your imagination and visualize right along with her and do what she says to do afterward.  I was cleared of past attachments from previous abusive situations and a rape.  When Preparing your body for pregnancy, choose carefully who you want with you.  I chose three relatives, my mom and two sisters and three empathic gal pals.  I believe in the power of three, trinity and all. In the healing session with my loved ones around, all I can tell you is to “get into that fully”.  You will feel the energy going into your body.  Rosalie gives you a job to do as well as all of the healers (witchy sisters and gal pals) I cannot tell you how fabulous I felt afterward.  And guess what? I moved to Hollywood with my new man and at age 39, I  had my first child, a handsome boy and 16 months later, my beautiful daughter!  I cannot tell you how much I owe to this woman!  SHE was the one who turned my life around!  Thank you Rosalie, I love you so much!  I hope this helps other women who are struggling like I was back then!”

FOR YOUR BUSINESS INTERESTS – $300.00 30 minute to answer questions about YOUR business.

A Google user: “I met Rosalie a few years ago though a mutual friend and not specifically in a search for a clairvoyant. She is an intelligent, warm and outgoing person that people naturally gravitate towards. I had only a very limited previous experience with a bygone friend who was clairvoyant. Those experiences made me curious if Rosalie could help me from a strictly technical perspective with my engineering consulting business. While she does not have a scientific or engineering background she was able to interpret complex drawing schematics and solid 3D renderings. It took a few sessions with Rosalie as I became relaxed with the idea of what she was doing so that everything flowed more freely. Her insight and clarity to identify technical issues and design flaws has allowed me to focus on eliminating design deficiencies not simply prior to product introduction but even before extensive computational analyses or expensive physical component testing. She works though people and channels engineers that help her identify design limitations in product consultations. She gave me names of long-deceased engineers that were contributors to US patents and historical engineering references that only those with a technical background would recognize. Her prophetic vision foresaw a project that I would be working on two years into the future. I witnessed that project come to fruition. She charges a higher charge for this service but the cost is negligible considering the profit margin offset from fast tracking the product design and introduction. Rosalie has phenomenal abilities. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”


Many people have asked me to bless them, bless others and ask how to protect from someone CASTING negative energy toward them. When I used the words to create this symbol, I was surprised to see that the sigil looks like an angel, taking it in, transposing it and sending it out.  Don’t let toxic people bring you down, send their negativity directly back to them.  Just say their name and repeat the words and the negative energy will be sent right back to them.  This little sigil is super blessed covering all religions. She has been blessed under a Venus Enhanced New Moon, infused with the protective energy of the Seven Saints, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Dad the Protector, Gris-Gris and prayed over with love energy by three energy healers. Charged with 417 hz pure tone energy, very Powerful protection in a piece about the size of a nickel.  Wear it as a necklace.
You Can find this and other HIGH VIBRATIONAL and VORTEX CHARGED items, here

Gift Certificates are available! Contact me at to purchase.  Gift certificates are good for six months. The gift certificate recipient has SIX

MONTHS to schedule their appointment.  I can’t extend the gift certificants beyond six months so please encourage your loved one or friend to schedule within six months and to not lose the certificate.

I offer many other services too numerous to list them all.  Please feel free to contact me via the contact page to see if I can provide assistance to help you with other energy/spiritual needs; at the very least, if I cannot help you, I will try to refer you to someone who can.