What can you do to get the most from your reading?

Relax and have fun! Don’t concentrate so much on one thing or focus on who you want to come through, just go with the flow and allow whatever happens to happen and whoever comes through to come through. Information and messages come through easier and faster if you relax and allow it to flow naturally. You will be surprised, I assure you.

Have questions written available.

Think of some things you want answered prior to your reading, write them down and we will address them.  Record your session if at all possible. I cannot stress that enough. During a reading I may talk of things in the future and you most likely are thinking of it happening all within the next few weeks.

I give a lot of information.

You will forget what I say because you want answers only for the questions you have. Recording the information that I give you will be beneficial later when the reading is over, especially it is in the future or if the information does not pertain to you. Perhaps you want to know when you will meet the love of your life, but your neighbor Jim’s dead grandmother keeps coming through and wants HIM to know that she was with him when he had that knee surgery. If you didn’t write it down or record it, you cannot give Jim that meaningful message. So please record the reading. We will get to the love of your life, but messages from those in spirit trumps you at the moment, sorry that is just the way it is.

Please have an open mind.

If I say your mother in spirit is telling me that you played music together and you are waiting to hear the word “guitar“, I might be seeing your mom with musical notes around her so music is music no matter what, don’t get stuck on exactness. It is not rocket science we are dealing with. It is the flow of energy.

Please don’t try to trip me up.

It is a stupid thing to do. I have read for children with more sense than that.

Please do not try to push me past your scheduled time.

There is someone else waiting to have a reading after you. If you want more time, you will have to schedule another longer appointment.

Stay positive.

Our session will be like two old friends talking.  I ask a lot of questions because I see a lot of images, hear songs or hear words or names that need verified my you.  Your guides butt in in at random bringing information.

Their message is be kind to others and be open to love in all forms.

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