PLEASE NOTE: All 60 Minute Appointments are on hold until I am guided to bring them back.  Connecting with the highest energies of your loved ones on the other side is affecting my health in a negative way. I need recovery time. (Apple Product Users: change browser: IOS is not Supported.)

If your desired appointment time is not available, please schedule an appointment and then contact me here to get on the waiting list, and I will email you when there is an availability.  ALL APPOINTMENTS are on Eastern Standard Time so adjust accordingly. Thank you!

Additionally, I created a SENDING LOVE Energy facilitator to assist YOU with getting into the meditative state to QUICKLY send LOVE energy to anyone, anywhere, anytime at record speed!  This item was Divinely guided through my dreams.  The token is HEAPED in SYMBOLISM, with a booklet included explaining it all!  I was told what to put on it, what each thing means Biblically, Angelically, Numerically and Universally and where to have it made!  AMAZING!  You can purchase it for $25.00 at  The next one is going to be Receiving Love, but first you need to get into the energy of sending love, so go purchase one and raise your energy to LOVE!  Once your raise your frequency to LOVE, you also raise the frequency of those around you, as well as the one you are sending love to.  Not only can you send love to an individual, you can send love to cities and countries devastated by war or weather.  Made of 100% copper, this has a hefty feel and fits in your hand comfortably.  It is charged 7 times with 528Hzpure tone frequency  which is the frequency of LOVE AND MIRACLES!  Additionally it is charged with the Tesla Tachyon Energy Plate for 7 days!  It makes a great gift!  What the world needs now is LOVE!  Go get one and be a LOVE SUPER HERO!  ALSO on the vivida Healing site you will find the PROTECTION SIGIL for $15.00 Click here