An Investment in Your Peace of Mind


$70.00 for a 30 minute reading-CARDS ONLY-I answer any query with a poker deck of cards and our combined Spirit Guides.

$100.00 for a 45 minute reading-I “take a look” at who is around in Spirit however I do not communicate with them, and/or a longer reading with cards.

Healing Session for Depression and Anxiety $70.00 4560 minute session where I pull negative energy out of your body that are the root cause of your depression and anxiety.  May take several sessions to heal.


$150.00 for a 60 minute reading-Everything I have to offer-Personal Energy Reading-Energy Field Reading-Connection and Communication with Spirit and Cards.

$200.00 for a “session” in my home- A session is for a family of 2 0r 3 members for one hour (additional $50.00 charge for every half hour over scheduled session) Involving communication with your loved ones in Spirit and a card reading per person.


$300.00 per hour per visit for a Business Reading during Start up and First Fiscal Year-Very Individualized

$500.00 per hour per visit for a Business Reading after First Fiscal Year-Very individualized. Google review from a business Client: (tax deductible as a consultation fee)

A Google user: I met Rosalie a few years ago though a mutual friend and not specifically in a search for a clairvoyant. She is an intelligent, warm and outgoing person that people naturally gravitate towards. I had only a very limited previous experience with a bygone friend who was clairvoyant. Those experiences made me curious if Rosalie could help me from a strictly technical perspective with my engineering consulting business. While she does not have a scientific or engineering background she was able to interpret complex drawing schematics and solid 3D renderings. It took a few sessions with Rosalie as I became relaxed with the idea of what she was doing so that everything flowed more freely. Her insight and clarity to identify technical issues and design flaws has allowed me to focus on eliminating design deficiencies not simply prior to product introduction but even before extensive computational analyses or expensive physical component testing. She works though people and channels engineers that help her identify design limitations in product consultations. She gave me names of long-deceased engineers that were contributors to US patents and historical engineering references that only those with a technical background would recognize. Her prophetic vision foresaw a project that I would be working on two years into the future. I witnessed that project come to fruition. She charges a higher charge for this service but the cost is negligible considering the profit margin offset from fast tracking the product design and introduction. Rosalie has phenomenal abilities. I wholeheartedly recommend her.


I now offer LOYALTY CARDS for those who come to my home for readings! Your 6th visit is HALF OFF!

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I am also offering One on One Guidance to assist YOU with your spiritual growth.  Contact me at

I offer too many services to list them all.  Feel free to contact me via the contact page to see if I can and how I can assist you.